Semi Permanent Lashes

Semi- Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions are one of the most talked about beauty treatments, they can offer women a solution to the fuller, longer, gorgeous lashes that they desire, and eliminate the need for mascara. Unlike traditional strip Lashes or cluster lashes, these eyelash extensions are adhered to your own single lashes one by one to create natural to dramatic eyelashes! The choice is yours. The lashes feel weightless, duration up to 90min & infills required every 2-4 weeks.

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume eyelashes is a sustainable volume eyelash technique developed in Russia that is now spreading to the USA and Europe Russian Volume Lashes consist of applying multiple very fine lash extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape. This can result in having 200- 500 eyelash extensions applied to each eye, rather than the regular 80-100 extensions per eye with the classic 1:1 eyelash extensions. The extensions used are even lighter, and finer, which means multiple lashes can be applied without damaging the lash, looking “clumpy”, or feeling too heavy and unnatural. When multiple volume lashes are applied, they create a full and natural feather-effect look.

Party Lashes

Party Lashes are small clusters of lashes are applied on top of your own lashes. Party Lashes can be applied all the way across the natural lashes forming a dramatic effect, or just at the outer corners for a more subtle look. Party lashes last from two to five days.