Spa Find offers non-comedogenic, skin-friendly formulas, blending natural de-ionised water with pure Dead Sea minerals (Harmonised Water™) and organic plant extracts – products contain allergen-free fragrance and no parabens, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or animal ingredients.


Spa Find is against animal testing and supports care of the environment.


We offer spa experiences to allow you to escape from a chaotic and stressful lifestyle and find a more primitive, peaceful and natural state of being - to have totally indulgent time for ‘you’ and just ‘you’. 

Spa Find Garden Gift Collection - NOURISHING HAND & FOOT SET



"Specifically chosen to relieve dry skin, the active plant extracts and minerals in Spa Find Heavenly Hydration will nourish distressed hands and feet. Aloe Vera and Chamomile to sooth the skin, blended with delicately fragranced Rose, Camellia and Jasmine, refreshing Peach, Mango and Coconut, all combined with mineral-rich Harmonised Water. Hands and feet will feel rejuvenated and truly nourished.This set contains Heavenly Hydration Hand Care Cream 100ml Heavenly Hydration Foot Care Cream 100mlHeavenly Hydration Salt Brushing Sachet 50g"


  • Protects and hydrates hands and feet

  • Relieves dry skin and softens hard patches

  • Removes dead skin cells to promote skin rejuvenation

  • Delicate

  • natural fragrance




The unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals and plant extracts in Heavenly Hydration Trial Size Body Lotion provides instant skin-soothing hydration to relieve dry skin. A creamy blend of soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile to cool the skin and prevent irritation, Moisturising Body Lotion promotes soft and supple skin.


  • Excellent after-sun skin soother

  • Cooling & calming for after shaving or waxing

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing

  • Boosts circulation and lymph flow

  • Re-mineralises the body




Mineralizing Bath & Shower Gel in a smaller size perfect for travel; this luxury bath or shower gel captures the power of plant extracts to leave skin beautifully clean and refreshed. The Dead Sea Minerals hydrate the skin and re-mineralise the body, easing away aches & pains and calming the mind.


  • Use as a foam bath or in-shower body wash

  • Plant extracts and Dead Sea Minerals

  • Intensely hydrating & moisturising

  • pH balancing

  • Soothes away aches and pains



Spa Find Renewed Radiance products combine naturally hydrating ingredients to nourish and renew even the driest of complexions. With Mineral-Age NanoPlex, a revolutionary anti-ageing complex of Zinc, Copper and Magnesium. This multi-mineral blend actively fights free radicals and leaves your skin rejuvenated and youthful.

Spa Find Ruby Radiance Spa Facial Collection contains:

  1. Renewed Radiance Energizing Cleanser 250ml - rich lotion that gently cleanses the skin and eliminates impurities. It removes make-up naturally, leaving the skin truly refreshed and radiant while respecting the skins pH balance.

  2. Renewed Radiance Energizing Toning Spray 250ml - aromatically fresh and cooling toning spray that aids the complete removal of impurities, whilst hydrating and boosting your complexion.

  3. Renewed Radiance Deep Sea Nourishment 50ml - intensive moisturiser which blends hydrating Dead Sea Minerals and nutrient-rich oils to encourage sebum production and cell regeneration.

  4. Renewed Radiance Energizing Mud Mask 50ml - thick and creamy mud mask with luscious deep-cleansing ingredients that leave the skin looking smooth, bright and youthful.

    • Cleanses the skin and eliminates impurities

    • Helps balance the skin's pH

    • Soothing and repairing, reduces irritation and redness

    • Helps repair damaged tissues

    • Natural anti-ageing with Vitamin E a natural anti-oxidant

    • Increases elastin and collagen production

Warm the Renewed Radiance Energizing Cleanser in your hands and massage over the face and neck. Concentrate on areas that hold impurities. Remove with cotton wool or with water as preferred. Repeat if necessary.

Spray the Renewed Radiance Energizing Toning Spray directly over the face and décolleté area.

Apply Renewed Radiance Deep Sea Nourishment to a clean face, massaging gently.

Using the fingertips, apply the Renewed Radiance Energizing Mud Mask over the face and neck. Leave for 15-20 minutes and remove with damp cotton wool pads soaked in Renewed Radiance Energizing Toning Spray.

Once opened use within 12 months.




The soothing plant extracts combined with vitamin and mineral ingredients care for the skin to leave it thoroughly cleansed, feeling refreshed and hydrated. The three-step facial routine can be used daily. Complement with an intensive treatment once or twice a week using the Balanced Beauty Stabilising Mud Mask.


Balanced Beauty Stabilising Cleanser 250ml - a silky cream cleanser particularly designed for normal and combinations skin types who need a gentle deep cleanser.


Balanced Beauty Stabilizing Toning Spray 250ml - a calming and refreshing toning spray that will freshen and hydrate the top layer of your skin and remove any excess oil.


Balanced Beauty Stabilising Moisturiser SPF23 75ml - a naturally light and balancing moisturiser with SPF 23, that can be used as a day and night cream.


Spa Find Balanced Beauty Stabilizing Mud Mask 50ml - luxurious mud mask that gives a purifying, deep cleansing treatment. It deep-cleanses the pores, smoothes and brightens the skin and fights frustrating blemishes.


    • Re-mineralises an imbalanced skin

    • Tones and freshens the skin

    • Excess sebum is absorbed

    • Balances the skin's pH

    • Anti-ageing repairing and hydrating

    • Vitamin B5 helps to heal post-acne scarring


Warm the Balanced Beauty Stabilising Cleanser in your hands and massage over the face and neck. Concentrate on areas that hold impurities. Remove with damp cotton pads soaked in Balanced Beauty Stabilizing Toning Spray. Alternatively, this product can be used with water as a gentle cleansing face wash.


Spray the Balanced Beauty Stabilising Toning Spray directly over the face and décolleté area, or apply with damp cotton pads. Alternatively, spray over face and body to refresh your skin throughout the day.


Apply Balanced Beauty Stabilizing Moisturiser to a clean face, massaging gently.


Apply Balanced Beauty Stabilising Mud Mask generously to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then remove with cotton pads soaked in the Balanced Beauty Stabilizing Toning Spray.


Once opened use within 12 months.

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Almost every skin condition or complaint is partly caused by a mineral or vitamin imbalance within the body. By using Spa Find products and having Spa Find treatments, the mineral levels within the body can once again begin to normalise and bring inner health back into balance.


The 7 main Dead Sea minerals are:



The anti-stress mineral.

Potassium & Sodium

Purifying and hydrating minerals.



The anti-ageing mineral.



The relaxing mineral.



The healing mineral.



The detoxifying mineral.